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The daily WOD is exactly what it sounds like, the workout of the day. Every day you will find a combination of Strength/Skill work + the Daily WOD.

Workouts will consist of a wide variety of time domains, interval work, AMRAPs, For-Time workouts, etc.

Movement variety will be plentiful and selected with intention. You can expect to see lots of variation between barbell movements, Kettlebell, Dumbbell, gymnastics movements, and body weight exercises. Substitutions will be suggested for equipment you might not have like rowers/bikes/etc.

Workouts will be programmed 3-days ON/1-day off/2-days ON/1-day off. Workouts will be accessed via the Truecoach App and athletes will be able to log their results as well as any additional notes.

This program probably won't get you to the CrossFit Games but it will allow you to increase your fitness, increase your current PR's, and have some fun in the process. Whether you're just bored with your gym's class WOD or you're just looking to switch up your routine in the home gym this program is a great opportunity to get fit.


The gymnastics WOD is designed for athletes seeking to add in some extra gymnastics/skill work to their normal routine.

Workouts will be programmed on a 3-day ON/1-day off/2-day ON/1-day off weekly program accessed via the Truecoach App. 

You can expect to see a variation of movements ranging from pull ups, kipping/butterfly pull ups, handstand variations, ring and bar skills, in a structured format aimed to improve your skills and capacity to perform them during WODs.


There will be a mix of skill practice, EMOM's and WOD's for time or AMRAP's.