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The Intermediate Weightlifting program steps it up a notch from the beginner program. This is a great program for somebody who has experience with the Olympic lifts but is hesitant to jump in to a full blown Weightlifting program. This program also functions well as a great accessory program for somebody who already WODs daily but is looking for a more structured approach to improving their PR's on their Olympic lifts.

The intermediate program will consist of 3 days a week of programming and will follow a periodized structure across 10-14 weeks every cycle. Access to the program will be available via the Truecoach App and will give the athlete access to the daily workout plus notes and feedback as they log results into the app every week.

Athletes can expect to see lots of variation between snatches, cleans, jerks, squats, pulls, and more throughout the program. Every cycle will be updated as we progress throughout the year. Athletes can begin the program at any-time and will automatically start at the beginning of the most current training cycle.


The Advanced Weightlifting program is designed to be a stand-alone program for athletes to follow. Programming consist of 12-16 week long training cycles with 5 workouts per week (3-days of work, 1-day of rest, 2-days of work, 1 day of rest).

Workouts will follow a periodized structure over the 12-16 weeks with 4-5 exercises per day focused on increasing strength and technique. Access to the program will be available via the Truecoach App which will be available weekly so athletes will know what is coming up during that week of training. 

It is not recommended to follow this program if you are already doing CrossFit/Functional fitness programming. This is a stand-alone program.


The Custom Weightlifting program will be designed and personalized for the athlete to target specific weaknesses in their current lifting. When you sign up for a custom program you will receive an email from coach Sean where he will request information (videos, comments, current PR's, training days,etc.) so that he can design your program based on your custom needs.

You will have access to your customized program via the Truecoach App where you can log results, access video demonstrations, as well as communicate with coach Sean on your progress.