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GYMNASTICs capacity program:

This Program is designed for those who already have a handful of reps on Pull Ups, HSPU's, and Muscle-Ups, but want to increase their overall capacity and efficiency at performing larger sets of these movements. The program is 6 weeks in total including a Test and Re-Test week. Once you finish the first cycle you can plug in your new PR numbers and repeat the process infinitely!


Still struggling to get that first strict pull-up? Then you've come to the right place. This is a very simple 4-week program that you can follow and repeat infinitely until you finally get that first strict pull-up!!! 3 workouts per week roughly 30 minutes or less to complete. Try it out FREE now before March 1st, 2019!!!

3-Day/Week Weightlifting Program:

This is a basic 3-days/week weightlifting program I designed to get you guys/gals started off. If you like it, sign up for our monthly programming options of 3-days/week or 5-days/week accessed via Truecoach App. This 3-day version is great for those just getting started on their Weightlifting journey or those who just want to switch it up and build some strength to compliment their CrossFit training goals. This will only be available for free until March 1, 2019!!

5-Day/week Advanced Weightlifting Program:

The 5-day/week advanced Weightlifting program is designed for those serious about competing in the sport of Weightlifting. Program is designed for 16 weeks+ a taper/deload where you'll test your 1RM snatch and clean and jerk either in the gym or hopefully...IN COMPETITION! Workouts are scheduled on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday with Thursday and Sunday left for rest and recovery. If you're ready to take your training to the next level then click below to purchase your program!