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Alright folks here we go! Launching our brand new line up of training templates which will arrive to you by email in an Excel Spreadsheet. All you have to do is open the file, insert your current 1RM's, then follow the program for 10 weeks. At the 10th week you will retest your 1RM to see how much progress you have made.

The 3 day program is meant for a lifter to train every other day with 2 days of rest after the 3rd day. EX: MONDAY-WEDNESDAY-FRIDAY.

This template is great for anybody who is just getting into Weightlifting and has some basic technical ability at the most basic level of the sport. It also works as a great complimentary program to anybody doing strictly CrossFit and looking to add some strength training to their current regiment. 

We recommend athletes finish at least 1 full cycle of this beginner template before moving on to our 4 or 5 day templates as to adjust to training volume and frequency. 

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