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BUILTFORTHIS Weightlifting Straps


These straps are made for Weightlifting. Built from 1" tubular nylon these straps come in 3 different colors: RED, WHITE, and BLUE. Straps are 11" long with BUILTFORTHIS trademark logo sewn onto each strap. These straps are literally unbreakable. My first pair lasted for 7 years before I lost them which is why I decided to start making them myself.

Most straps you see on the market today are made with flat single layer nylon. The problem with this is the straps are so thin they will start to cut into your wrist when you use them over time. THe tubular nylon is a little thicker and has a rounded edge so it conforms to the wrist a lot easier when using. The straps themselves take a couple weeks to break in (nylon is slick until it gets roughed up from the knurling).

These are the last straps you will ever need.

Straps will ship no later than February 1st, 2016.

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