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WodLIFTS review

Posted by Sean Hutchinson on March 24, 2014 at 10:30 PM

So I recently acquired a pair of WodLIFTS shoe inserts from the lovely people at wodlifts.com. Basically they are a solid plastic molded heal insert you put in your shoes to help achieve a better ankle position in the bottom of the squat while lifting and performing movements in CrossFit that involve a squat. It’s a lightweight plastic insole that can either fit on top of or under your thin insole that comes in your shoes. (I would definitely recommend only using these in low profile flat soled shoes like the Reebok nano line or inov-8 CrossFit style shoes. Haven’t really tried them in other shoes because the only other shoes I own are Nike Romaleos and flip flops.) If you are like me, and struggle to perform most squat movements efficiently because of lack of ankle flexibility, then keep reading.


Let me start off by saying these will NOT replace your Weightlifting shoes so don’t get on eBay and start selling your shoes yet. These were not intended to replace Weightlifting shoes but the do a hell of a job increasing mobility and putting you into a better overall bottom position for any movements involving a squat similar to how a Weightlifting shoe works but it leaves you the mobility and flexibility of your standard CrossFit shoe so you can run, box jump, lunge etc without the added weight or stiffness of a standard lifting shoe. I’ve used them for pretty much every type of lift over the last couple months and can honestly say they do the job they were built for. You could say…they were BUILTFORTHIS lol…

I’ve done a few WODS with a wide variety of lifts including front squats, back squats, overhead squats, thrusters, wall balls, and obviously snatches and cleans. Normally I have a lot of trouble getting into a good squat position in these movements while maintaining a nice upright position but the additional heal height from the WodLift insole was just enough to get me into a better position to perform these movements more efficiently and comfortably. Not as good as I would be able to do in my Romaleos but much better than if I was just wearing my nanos. When I first put them in I thought, wow this feels kind of strange. After about 5 minutes of walking around in them I forgot I had them on.

I know a lot of you would read this and say, why not just wear weightlifting shoes for these lifts??? If only CrossFit was that simple right? How many times have we all seen a WOD with Running and Overhead squats? Or Box jumps and cleans? The last thing I want to do is run in my heavy ass Nike Romaleos, or try to jump on a box with these stiff, flat bricks attached to my feet. This is where the WodLIFTS really shine. They make it to where you can keep the light and flexible shoes while still having that extra heal height to put you into a better position for those nasty squat movements. I haven’t done too much running in these since I love by my motto  “I don’t run unless I’m being chased”, but I can honestly say you will be fine on a few 400m runs if your used to running in your shoes to begin with. They are honestly that unnoticeable after you get used to them. The good thing is you can easily slip them out if you don’t need them for a different WOD but if a workout pops up with squat snatch, double unders, and running you’ll be good to go!

So, the question you’re left with now is, “should I buy a pair’? My answer would be…”Do you CrossFit?” If yes, then yes. Buy a pair. They retail for 39.95 plus free shipping and returns. When you order you have the choice between small, medium, and large. I wear a size 7US lifting shoe and order a small and they are a perfect fit for my shoes and I felt like the heel lined up perfectly. Have fun WODing and hit some PR’s with some WodLIFTS!

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